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Are you looking for ways to increase your sales? Want to make it easier for your customers to access your products? App development is too costly? Not enough app downloads? Would you like to engage your current customers so they come back again and again?

We are the latest technology that will deliver on all these promises. How? Findr uses radio signals to deliver relevant content to a shopper’s phone, targeting them where it matters most, at your restaurant and at the point of sale. With this new technology businesses are able to get their information to more people in a cost effective manner. We will deliver your menu, specials, reviews, social media, and more into interactive mobile friendly web platform. With this point of sale promotional material, customers will be more engaged and likely to make better buying decisions with the aid of product images, description, reviews, and social media.

How Findr Works

Promotional material

Send us a copy of your menu and marketing material or web link, we will convert it into a digital, rich and mobile-friendly format. Your material will be available via tiny NFC tags.

How NFC works

These quarter-sized tags are wireless and work without the need of a power source. All you have to do is place your NFC enabled phone near the tag, and the content will be delivered.

Personalized Content

Your customers and potential customers now have access to all your restaurants promotional materials included menu, specials, reviews, photos, reservations and much more.

Customer Benefits

Point of sale promotional material engages with customers on a level never before seen, influencing them to make purchasing decisions with the content you deem most appropriate. Customers will see in-depth details about products, ease of sharing through social media, the ability to read reviews, and so much more. All without an app.

- Product detail - Scan for products that meet your needs

- Find the best offers / discounts

- Social media sharing - Product recommendations

- Reviews - Read / leave product reviews

- Digital product images

- No need to download an app

- Product authentication

- Expert tips

Merchant Benefits

Customer engagement is one of the most influential ways you can get more of your product into the hands of your customers. People are always with their phones, and often times people hold their phones while they’re waiting to complete a checkout or walking by your business, but so far there hasn’t been a viable way to tap into this potential at the most effective time: the point of sale. Well, all that’s changed now, and Findr is leading the way in helping businesses catch customers in the midst of that all important moment.

- Increased sales

- High impact - cost effective marketing

- Easy to implement

- Optimal reach at point of sale

- Customer engagement

- Track customer behavior - Insight and analytics

- Drive brand awareness

- Minimal expense

Our Approach

At Findr we live by a number of important principles, and our main goal is to help make your business better. We do this through:

Being creative

We always produce the strongest content to help you build your client base with original and creative methods

Mobile content

We help you tap into this resource by transforming your existing content into content that’s more readily available by consumers

Engaging customers

We pride ourselves on the ability to craft your content in a way that causes customers to gain valuable insight into your company

Analyzing data

We keep track of your campaign in real time to help push offers that reinforce customer behaviors and build loyalty







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